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Assistant Prosecutor shares her opioid addiction struggle

Melissa O'Mara struggle with opioids

Assistant Prosecutor from Burlington Country shares her struggle with addiction! As reported by 6abc,com, a newly installed Assistant Prosecutor of Burlington County, shares her past struggles with opioids addiction. Melissa O’Mara from Mount Holly, New Jersey was just sworn in about one year ago. However her journey to successful career was not conventional. O’Mara share […]

Demi Lovato devastated over her friend’s overdose death

Demi Lovato devastated over her friend's overdose death

Demi Lovato is devastated over her friend’s death due to addiction! As reported by, Demi Lovato is grieving  the death of her close friend who battled drug addiction. This happen on the anniversary of singer’s own escape from death, a year a go.  She just celebrated her twenty seven’s birthday with her friends, just […]

Hospitals looking for baby cuddlers to comfort infants with opioid withdrawal

Hospitals looking for cuddlers for opioid withdrawal infants

US Hospitals searching for volunteers to comfort opioid addicted babies! As reported by, the US hospitals are searching for baby cuddlers to sooth infants with congenital opioid withdrawals. An alarming statistic reported by National Institute of Drug Abuse, that every fifteen minutes, a baby is born with opioid withdrawal. As defined by, Neonatal […]

Purdue Pharma owners offer their wealth in Opioid Deal

Purdue Pharma offers their wealth

Sackler family offering their personal wealth to cover claims against them! As reported by, a wealthy Sakler family that owns Purdue Pharma, the company that produces Oxycontin, has decided to surrender a full value of their private company to cover and resolve claims gainst Purdue, associated with their role in the national opioid epidemic. […]

Doctor sentenced to 40 years in opioid case

Dr. Joel Smithers sentenced for 40 years

Doctor in Virginia sentenced to forty years for drug distribution ring! As reported by,  Dr. Joel Smithers from Virginia, was sentenced in US District Court, for what prosecutors  informed was running a drug distribution ring out of his medical practice. Dr. Smithers was sentenced for forty years in prison for illegally prescribing opioids, and selling […]

Five years addiction-the story of recovery

Man addicted to opioids for five years

Five years of opioids addiction turns one man’s life in to recovery! As reported by, a man named Richard Flic finds himself awaken in the hospital, connected to medical equipment, diagnosed with opioids overdose and heart failure.  The doctors medicated Flic 28, for a few days in order to reduce the damage being done […]

Meth addiction recovery goes viral!

Meth addicts recovery

The photos of a Tennessee meth addicts couple recovery are astounding! Brent Walker, a man from Cleveland, could never imagined to have a sober life as he does today. In his early childhood years, he was exposed to cigarettes, at the age of nine, and at twelve years of age he started experimenting with marijuana […]

California launches 1st statewide mental health line

On-Demand Mental Health

Call our warm line at 1-855-845-7415 As reported by and, on Monday, the sate of California introduced the first , toll free mental health line to deliver a non-emergency assistance for individuals battling mental health and emotional welfare. The measure was announced by Assembly member Phil Ting (D), posted on his webstie While […]

Even doctors can get addicted! The extraordinary story of Dr. Ortenzio!

Doctor addicted to drugs

West Virginia doctor’s addiction and redemption. As reported by the, a prominent West Virginia physician got himself and his patients, who trusted him- addicted to prescription opioids. The typical day in the life of Dr. Lou Ortenzio, back in 1988 included staying past seven o’clock in the evening after all of the staff is […]

Highs Schools for Teens with addiction

Teens With Addiction

What is inside of the recovery schools for high school students? As reported by, the public school in Seattle, recognized as a recovery school, is created for students with previous addiction issues, as place to learn while leading alcohol-free life. A small group of students attends several main classes, as well as some online […]