Can people die while being treated at an drug and alcohol addiction treatment center?

AAA Spoiler Alert. Yes young men and women can and have died at an drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. Case and point.  Under questionable circumstances, a young mom died at an Arizona detox center. This happens more than you think. Obtained from investigators, a Surveillance video shows what happened during the woman’s stay at this Arizona facility.

The lady that died was named Madison Cross, Madison was only 22 years of age. Madison traveled from her home near Columbus Ohio and was admitted to Serenity Care Center in Arizona. Serenity is a state-license drug detox center in Phoenix. Family members wanted Madison to get treatment for her addiction to opioids along with other drugs she was taking at the time.

What happen at this Phoenix Arizona detox center?

Madison apparently had trouble breathing and showed trouble and strain to take her next breath. Her pulse was high, she was wheezing and her lungs were also in distress. Madison looked lethargic and borderline ill.Her complexion was unnaturally yellow and her lips were turning purple. Medical staff reported her condition to nurses who consulted with other medical staff. At this point according to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Madison was given other medications to help her situation. Why wasn’t Madison sent to a full service hospital just miles away? There was nothing more that could be done at the local detox center and Madison collapsed at the Phoenix Arizona detox center where she was later pronounced dead. Counsil for the family called the treatment of the Phoenix Arizona detox center action “outrageous.”. John Wrona , attorney for Madison family said “Madison was basically begging for them to save her life by sending her to the hospital, why did they refuse?”

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Statement from Serenity, The Phoenix detox center “The center provided appropriate care and monitoring for Madison.” The center also said “The center performs regular room checks, vital signs readings and intervenes when required” But for Madison this was not the case and she died in her care.

The Scary part of detox centers.

The current state opioid epidemic: Patients that wanting to stay clean and are currently undergoing withdrawal are vulnerable to crises. Since the epidemic triggers need for addiction therapy industry experts stated greater screening standards and supervision are required to increase safety. Does this concern you? What should we do to care for our young men and women addicted to opiods?



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