Women overcomes drug addiction-turns life around

Crossville women

Crossville women beating the odds of overcoming her addiction!

As reported by Wate.com, ABC 6 news, Crystal Sturgill of Crossville overcame her drug addiction, and had turned her life around. Sturgill’s friend took to facebook to share her life changing story, and how she beat the odds of becoming an addict. She’s changed drastically, and now at the age of thirty two looks like just a regular mom, who likes spending time with her young daughter.

The young women was arrested along with eight others in Crossville Police Department narcotics and theft round up. He mugshot was appalling and shocking.  She looked so much older, then the twenty eight year old women that she was. Crystal Sturgill woke up to cops apprehending her, while she was under influence of meth and pills. She was not aware of what was taking place in the early hours of that morning. Crystal could not remember the picture being taken, but recalls being up on drugs for almost a month. The police advised her she was indicted for selling drugs. Sturgill reminisces about that tumultuous time in her life. She lived an unpredictable and reckless life style, and feared she could have windup up dead.  She possessed guns and ran from cops, she did not care if she was hurt.  She’s became  unhinged when she had a miscarriage,  due to an abusive relationships. She was six months pregnant when she lost her twin boys. She never recovered from her untimely loss, and drugs became her ultimate escape. Crystal endured severe depression she medicated with pills. Drugs helped her to have temporary break from her sorrows. Her daughter Alexis, was only five years old at the time, and had been exposed to her mother’s dangerous life style. Now Alexis is twelve years old, she shared of being bullied at school, her peers called her zombie comparing to he mother’s mug shot.  Sturgill was incarcerated for some time on felony narcotic charges, and part of her sentenced conditioned with rehab at Adult and Teen Challenge USA in Louisiana.  While getting treatment Sturgill found her new faith in God, and began her new drug-free way of life. Her peers at the treatment center were pleasantly surprised when Crystal started refraining from foul language and fights with others.  She started reading bible, and getting alone with everyone. Her hard work finally paid off when she secured the job with cleaning company. The company centers on hiring people who overcome addiction after recovery, and help them to build new lives.  Sturgill takes her job very seriously, and her day involves meticulous cleaning of First Untied Methodist Church.  She starts her day with prayers, along side her boss Stuart Sitton, who understands that individuals like Sturgill need employment,  stable future and simply hope to go on with their lives.

Crystal Stugill accepts her past, and understands the need to take small but effective steps in her post recovery process, to ensure that both her and her daughter have a happy and fulfilling future. To date, she works, and  has earned her new driver license.  She shares the joy of her new life, that she thought was never possible.

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