Meth addiction recovery goes viral!

Meth addicts recovery

The photos of a Tennessee meth addicts couple recovery are astounding!

Brent Walker, a man from Cleveland, could never imagined to have a sober life as he does today. In his early childhood years, he was exposed to cigarettes, at the age of nine, and at twelve years of age he started experimenting with marijuana , in addition to selling drugs by his adolescent age.  When his older brother died due to drinking and driving, Brent started using meth. He admits to using drugs all his life, and could not imagine ever being sober, because his life would have been no fun.  As of now, he has been clean for almost three years, and is currently holding two jobs: AC/Heating worker and steel worker.

Recently, Brent Walker made a Facebook post, dated July 26, sharing his before and after pictures of him and he’s now wife Ashley Walker, adding a hashtag  #CleanChallenge.  The post received over one hundred and eighty thousand hits, about sixteen thousand comments, and one hundred thousand shares. The pictures are astounding!  In his post he shares the time line of his meth addiction, before and after. And he is proudly displaying a contrasting difference of him and his wife on the third anniversary of their  sober living. He respectfully proclaims his life for God.  In this post he hopes that his life altering story will touch someone who has an addiction, and may be inspire them to make a change and achieve recovery.

The pictures showing two completely different times in their lives. One taken in 2016 when Walker just returned from serving two years for three counts of sale and delivery of methamphetamine, and felony charges for evading police.  The couple, not married at the time, continued to use drugs despite Brent’s previous incarceration.  One day during his mandatory drug testing, while on probation, Walker decided it was time to re-examine his life choices, and made a decision to stop using drugs. He shared his decision with his girlfriend Ashley, and asked her to give up the drugs with him, Ashley was happy to follow his lead in to a better future.  Ashley also had struggled with drug abuse in the past, so their decision to stop using was challenging for both of them. But they made it.  A month later, they celebrated their anniversary being clean by getting married at the church they still attend today.  Before cohabiting, and getting their own place, the couple decided to live with their friends to make sure there is no triggers, and they can both perform different every day functions. They walked to work, went shopping for groceries, while holding two jobs and learning to assimilate to a new drug and crime free life style. A few month later they purchased their first car.  The couple became members of Celebrate Recovery

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian Program, that provides support for individual with alcohol and substance abuse problems. They found real support among the founders and the people in the program.  In order to prevent triggers and cravings, the couple had to get rid off everyone from their past, who may be associated with drug abuse. Now they can contact their group support, and rest assure they’ll get them through their rough patches.  Both Brent and Ashley try to have a normal life, take vocations, and achieve small steps in their recovery journey. In addition to having full time jobs, Brent also decided to get his GED , which he has completed successfully. And Ashley has a dream of becoming a register nurse. She wants to dedicate her life to helping women with drug addictions to find their recovery outlets, and choose the life of sobriety.  Ashley is also working on getting a custody for  her children from previous relationship.

Although, Brent did not plan to have his pictures to go viral, and only wanted to reach out to family and friends, the story got nationwide attention and response!  After his story came out, he had many friends contacting him, and either asking for help to get in to a rehab, or shared that they were moved by the story and decided to get help on their own.

One things Brent is confident about that you can not force people in to recovery program; they have to make a decision voluntarily and surrender themselves in to a Drug Rehab Center.



Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Find a drug rehab, alcohol rehab, drug addiction treatment center, alchol addiction rehab clinic near me

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