Five years addiction-the story of recovery

Man addicted to opioids for five years

Five years of opioids addiction turns one man’s life in to recovery!

As reported by, a man named Richard Flic finds himself awaken in the hospital, connected to medical equipment, diagnosed with opioids overdose and heart failure.  The doctors medicated Flic 28, for a few days in order to reduce the damage being done to his cardiovascular system.  After experiencing multiple overdose events, Richard was struck with reality of what is going on in his life, and mostly what could have happen to him after he sustained a heart damage, and had to undergo life saving treatment.  Although, he made previous attempts to get help by addressing his drug addiction under support of doctors and counselors, but never made a commitment. This time the situation reached a dangerous level, and he needed to make a decision that may save his life in a long run.

The first time Flic recognized that he may have addiction problem back in 2012. He was a student at the University of Guelph, and was residing with his sister. Flic admits his addiction stemmed from his use of heroin and hydromorphone at first, and eventually, he turned to cocaine and meth. Often he preferred opiates.

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Once his substance abuse turn in to a full blown addiction, Flic shared that drug use made him to be self-centered, and only focus on getting and using more drugs every day. He did not think about his family or friends, his body and mind was ridden by his severe disorder.  Furthermore, he added  most people have perception that drug use and addiction is a choice, and that people could stop or have a will power.  He realized addiction is a disease, that takes control of a person’s life, that can not be stopped on their own, and can only be treated by entering in to a professional drug rehab. Flic got so far in his addiction level, that even the overdose and relapse could not prevent him from continuing in such self-destructive path.

Back in 2017 Flic made an attempt to curb his addiction by using a methadone program. He was not convinced that completely refraining from drugs would be helpful to him.  Undergoing methadone treatment was the first step in his recovery progress, and allowed him to have a shift in his mental capacity to feel better with out drugs, and more positive expectations for his future health. A startling revelation came to him after his parents reaction to his overdose. His mother was visiting Flic’s grandmother in Poland, who was dying from pancreatic cancer.  His mother just told him, she is done fighting, and it is up to him if he wants to make a change. At that moment, Flic had a powerful revelation, that he needs to stop destroying himself, and start getting the help he needs.

As written by Dr. Jonathan Bertram, an addiction medicine physician, methadone is crucial in many  individuals recovery process. He emphasized that  opioid agosnist therapy  is effective in treatments for addiction to substances such as heroin, oxycodone and fentanyl. Opioid agonist treatment is included in the methadone medications used to help wean individuals during a detox process. Detox helps to flush harmful toxins from your body.

While his stint at the recovery center, Flic notices that he wakes up  in the room with other patients, and he felt angry and upset with himself. He could not believe that he ended up like this. After completing a detox treatment, and feeling better physically, Flic finds peace and encouragement in continuing with his treatment. He points out that a person can not be forced in to recovery, but needs to be surrendered on his own. After completing his therapy and counseling program, Flic moved in to supportive housing, where he learned to function without using or searching for drugs. Most important element of successful recovery is a support, that comes from family, community and other related groups. In his case it was twelve steps, co-workers and yoga community. Flic also joined support groups that help other people with their addiction.  He strives to have meaningful relationship with others, and be the most he can be.  Flic learned that addiction is never treated completely , and recovery is a daily effort to achieve a life without drugs.

Sharing his struggles with his disease, he feels liberated, but still finds that there is so much shame and stigma associated with addiction. He does, however feel empowered by what he’d been through, and what he’d become.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Find a drug rehab, alcohol rehab, drug addiction treatment center, alchol addiction rehab clinic near me

Today, Flic is a new person. It is about a year and a half later, and he had not used drugs. He lives in Hamilton, and works as a Yoga instructor.  His health is great, and he recently signed up for marathon. In addition to his regular yoga instruction job, and he is also teaching yoga to men with addiction problems. He looks like a regular healthy and fit young man, but his recovery process from drug addiction was turbulent and rough. He recalls his recovery being a small step progress, and required commitment and discipline.

He recommends to those struggling, or with pain, that there is always a way out of this.


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