Does Wendy Williams have addiction issues?

Wendy Williams Cocaine Addiction Treatment.

Wendy Williams Cocaine Addiction Treatment Advice

Tuesday, Wendy Williams said on her talk show Tuesday that she is in a Sober Living House and currently seeking treatment. She revealed this and many more on her talk show known to most at the Wendy Williams show. Tuesday’s announcement was very emotional and Wendy’s audience teared up while listening to the news on her Talk show. Wendy has been battling cocaine addiction for quite some time now. Wendy discussed how cocaine has been the issue and she was battling the addiction for some time now. Wendy has talked about her addiction, but never sought treatment let alone a treatment center for this addiction.

Wendy has been off the show for a while, reports say from sometime in January. Wendy Williams is taking the steps to seek treatment for herself after returning from an extended break away from her talk show.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

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Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Many people know Wendy Williams reputation and her willingness to pretty much talk about anything, but for a long time now the talk show host had kept her Cocaine Addiction under wraps. Williams who is 54 years old mentioned her struggles in the past about her Cocaine Addiction, but told American Addiction Advice that these impulses where under control.

Wendy Williams Substance Abuse Hotline now open.

Wendy Williams family has just opened a  substance abuse hotline for people suffering with drug addiction. The Hunter Foundation along with  T.R.U.S.T organization has created a 24-hour hotline which will be staffed with fulling trained and certified recovery coaches. The hotline will help callers by conducting assessments of the callers addiction and help them seek addiction treatment with a qualified sober living or outpatient center in their area. The process, also known as the :Intake process” for people suffering with addiction will include evaluations for what type of treatment needed, what substances being abused and the callers ability to pay for addiction treatment. Wendy Williams believes that we must all come together and help everyone fighting with substance abuse and other crises of addiction beat the addiction in a caring and sober environment.

Wendy Williams Cocaine Addiction Treatment.
Wendy Williams Cocaine Addiction Treatment.

Ron Clinton who is the president of T.R.U.S.T. was quoted saying ““We are pleased to partner with The Hunter Foundation to help spread the message that there is hope and recovery can work! With over 70,000 overdose deaths in the past year, we can make an impact together to combat this crisis through awareness and treatment. We are grateful to the Hunter family for undertaking this initiative and for asking T.R.U.S.T. to facilitate this life-saving effort.” reference:

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