Demi Lovato devastated over her friend’s overdose death

Demi Lovato devastated over her friend's overdose death

Demi Lovato is devastated over her friend’s death due to addiction!

As reported by, Demi Lovato is grieving  the death of her close friend who battled drug addiction. This happen on the anniversary of singer’s own escape from death, a year a go.  She just celebrated her twenty seven’s birthday with her friends, just a year after her own overdose. She was visibly elated and wrote that she was happy.

Unfortunately, her celebration was brought down by passing of her close friend due to addiction and overdose. On Wednesday October 9th, she shared the devastating news with her Instagram followers, writing  of her friend Thomas’  death.  Los Angeles based model was found dead at Super 8 in Echo Park, he was only 31 years old. A source close to the victim shared that his friend has suffered for a long time to stay free of drugs. Trussell had some temporary victories after relapsing several times, where he worked very hard to stay sober. The final blow was when he lost his fight with addiction.

The 27 year old singer reached out to her fans, and asked them to hold their loved ones tight. She asked to let them know they are loved and special. While reeling from the shock of her friend’s death, Lovato reminded her listeners the  dangers  of addiction.  Lovato broke down on her Instagram page telling fans that addiction is no joke, and that her pal died of a terrible disease. “Sober” singer further encouraged her fans to ask for help if they experience or battle with drug abuse or addiction.

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The star was hospitalized back on June 24, 2018 while attending a party in Hollywood Hills, and freebasing Oxycodone laced with Fentanyl. The mixture of these drugs creates a powerful cocktail , that also killed Prince and LilPeep.  Her drug abuse that night ultimately lead to overdose. After near fatality  Demi was rushed to the hospital.  After undergoing a medical treatment, Lovato voluntarily entered a drug rehab, and took some time off from her busy life and stressful career.  In her social media statement, she thanks God for being alive and feeling well, and adds her appreciation to fans and family. She recognized that she needed a time to focus on her sobriety and recovery journey. She was very optimistic about getting help, and fighting to overcome her disease.

Lovato completed her stint at the treatment center back in 2018, then later transitioned in to sober living home, and finally re-entered rehab treatment for several weeks to help her reinforce her newly developed skills to cope with drug free life. A 2019 New Year Ever Demi Lovato celebrated in her sobriety style with drinking cider for clean and healthy new year.  Her new year resolution is to continue and maintain her sobriety, working hard, and avoiding triggers like parties and clubs. Her recovery path also required that she got rid off some of her friends who often were the cause of her drug use. The singer had to end some of her close friendships, and surround herself with positive and genuine people who would encourage and support her.  Demi’s mom, who’s been her rock during her recovery journey,  provided an immense support.

She now enjoys more low key life style, hanging with her friends, working out, and getting back in to recording studio.  Her working team is vigilant and always there for her to make sure she gets back on her feet. Family and friends support is critical in the effective recovery process. Demi does not take her life for granted, and tries to live every day to the fullest.


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