Addiction Recovery Speaker, Found Dead

Columbine shooting Survivor drug addiction speaker

Austin Eubanks, Injured Columbine Survivor And Addiction Recovery Speaker, Found Dead

Huffpost announced that Austin Eubanks, a Columbine survivor who was injured in 1999 Columbine High School massacre, and traveled the country to speak about drug addiction, was found dead in his Colorado home. No signs of foul play determined by authorities. Eubanks family, said that he lost the battle with the disease he fought so hard to help others face”. He was 37.  They also added that building a community of support meant the most to their son Austin, and the family is going to continue what he started.

During the Columbine massacre, the gunmen shot Eubanks twice, while he was watching his friends die. He was only 17 years old when two students opened fire at his classmates. Eubanks was with his best friend in the library, he heard the shots but dismissed it as construction noise. The gunmen entered the library and shot his best friend, and him twice. His best friend died immediately.  During his physical recovery after the shooting, Ebanks had taken various prescription pain killers for his injuries, however, he continued taking opioids to self-medicate his emotional pain. In the struggle to overcome his trauma and grief, Eubanks succumb to drug and alcohol abuse.  He battles his addiction for twelve years, until he found recovery.

Eubanks shared, that at the age of twenty-nine, he can recall going through the stages of grief that should have been at the age of seventeen or eighteen. He admits to pausing his emotional healing and growth with substances.

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He had stayed in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery treatment for fourteen months.

Ebanks attributes his recovery success to the ability to figure out that his self destructive behavior did not work, and the miracle of staying alive during this tumultuous time.

After he became sober, he began his public speaking on addiction and recovery. At the age of 37, Austin Eubanks was known as a professional speaker on trauma, addiction and recovery. To rephrase his principal message: recovery is available to anyone, and its a gateway to a better life. It is vital to admit that you have no knowledge of how to handle the addiction, and you have to trust the experts and follow their lead. You have to stay in treatment long enough, until you overcome the disease.

Eubanks had also spoken openly about his fears for his young sons, in the era of active-shooter drills and armed guards at school.

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